Georg Kühlewind's biography

Georg Kühlewind was born in 1924 in Hungary.
In a letter destined for his volume 'Stages of Consciousness', he writes of himself, in English, as follows:
My first interests, at the age of fifteen, were psychoanalysis, Jung, and the history of religions and culture. At seventeen, I became a student of Karl Kerenyi. My tendency was to become a classical philologist in his sense and to learn Latin and Greek. Freud and Jung convinced me that life was not to be understood rationally. I studied economics. I tried to erase all habits, traditions and conventionality in me. I succeeded. There remained only a desert. (At the age of five, I had a very powerful experience of being an I – an experience like Jean Paul's, described by Steiner in Theosophy.) 

The alter-ego

“The Baal Shem once called upon Sammael, lord of the demons, on some occasion. He snapped: How dare you call upon me? This has only happened to me thrice: in the hour of the tree, in the hour of the calf, and in the hour of the destruction of the sanctuary. The Baal Shem has ordered his disciples to uncover their foreheads. Sammael at once noticed the sign of the image in which God has created humans. Sammael has done what he was asked to do. Before leaving, however, he said: Sons of the living God, let me stand here for a while looking at your foreheads!”